Park area - Garden park
210 000 m2

Modeled hills planted with trees and flowers offer numerous unrepeatable bird´s-eye views of the landscape and park with water elements.

Garden park

For the last seven years water flora and fauna have successfully lived in our small ponds and lakes, which do not have any influx from the Jeneč creek. Surface of main paths in the park is covered by hard pressed stone debris, which is water permeable and so walkable in every weather. All paths and roads including concrete footbridge over water area and behind waterfalls are built with an optimal slope. They are convenient for people of all ages, for disabled as well as for parents with baby carriages. On one of our hills we built a “MUSEUM – HRADIŠTĚ”. It is made of ivory white spongilite stones. Impressive supporting walls and viewpoints on different height levels, staircases and waterfalls are decorated with “folk art” and beautiful flowers. These terraces, which will be illuminated in the evening hours, are intended for alpine plants and art exhibitions. From some viewpoints historically important places can be seen – Říp Mountain, Milešovka Mountain, Bílá Hora with Hvězda summer palace as well as Prague 5 and 6 quarters or Jeneč, Hostivice or Kladno towns. Václav Havel Prague Airport is literally at your fingertips here so it is possible to watch landings and takeoffs of different types of airplanes. Areas designed for washrooms, restaurant in winter garden and fast food facilities are ready. Three outdoor and one indoor “amphitheatres” intended for different educational, cultural and social events are being finalized.