Local infrastructure

Thanks to the fact  that Jeneč has gone through a long process of development (over a couple of centuries), convenient local infrastructure can meet needs of people of all ages  (kindergarden, elementary school, health center, sport facilities – football stadium, gym, post office, petrol station, hotel, pension, hostels, restaurants, wholesale and retail network, etc.). Jeneč town is incorporated into Prague integrated transport system, which is especially good for Garden park area employees, for families with children and for all those, who do not have their own cars.

foto obce

Jeneč is located in one of the most strategic places on the western edge of Prague. Thanks to R6 highway exit no. 7, high speed train station connecting international airport and Prague, railway station and Karlovarska road no. 606 Jeneč will become one of the most attractive places in the area not only for businessmen but also for residents. They will use a 10 ha area of verdure separating industrial zone from a residential area and at the same time they will visit Garden park area.