Exhibition area - Garden expo
10 000 m2

Multifunkčí hala

The exhibition area is equipped with drinking and service (soft for irrigation) water, with gas and electricity for wholesale and retail customers. Municipal wastewater treatment plant is located in the area.

At the same time the park part provides a space where extended range of horticultural products and other related goods can be displayed. The large area will also be suitable to host important horticultural exhibitions, product presentations or social and corporate events.

Retail sale in wooden stalls will be situated outside the main exhibition area. Seasonal products together with spring, summer, fall and winter thematic markets will be on offer here.
The coffee house with look out tower over the exhibition area will offer an unusual view of the surrounding area and park, which will provide visitors and exhibitors a place for relax or business talk.

The network of maintained paths is suitable for truck transport, therefore it is no problem to move anything anywhere around the area.