Exceptional form of presentation in horticultural area

We offer exhibition and sales areas to growers, producers, traders and exhibitors (everything that has a connection with a garden, home and garden architecture including mechanization, equipment, garden furniture etc.) for 360 days a year.

The main idea of Garden park is to concentrate growers, producers and traders on the 250 000 m2 area and show their products to Garden park visitors in an innovative form of presentation. Garden park is an all year round exhibition space in a natural context focused on everything that has a connection with the home and garden.

Garden centre - a shopping shop where visitors can buy anything that they have seen in the park – which is then an added value to Garden park.

Garden park is located in the Central Bohemia Region on the western border of the capital Prague. For 4 500 000 people who live within a radius of 100 km from Garden park it is perfectly accessible not only by car (highway R6/exit 7 Jeneč) but also by public transport (buses and trains with stations in Jeneč, direct connection from/to Prague).

fotoOur visitors come not only to relax or rest but mainly to get inspiration and knowledge. Visitors of all ages can find their own place here thanks to the multifunctionality of the whole park. A minizoo with domestic animals, playground, educational trail and many more attractions are ready for kids. Adult visitors come to find an inspiration for their own gardens, to learn something new from expert’s talks, for sport or to relax , to enjoy special weekend programmes or concerts etc. And at the same time all of them can see products or watch presentations of our exhibitors and partners.

 A wide range of different educational, cultural, social, sport and other events will also take place in the park.

Presentations in this field are available for: