About the Garden park area
250 000 m2

Garden park area is located in the Central Bohemia Region on the western border of the capital Prague. Development was started in 1992 on the grounds of the former state-owned company Sempra Praha in Jeneč.

It is continuing in the more than 150 years of local horticultural tradition. The original area and surroundings used to be very flat. To create a series of varied and interesting growing conditions the owner began a major project of earth works and landscaping. Trees on the site, now more than 30 years old, have been incorporated into the plans to create shaded and wood land planting areas. The area is rich in natural water sources which enrich the Jeneč creek going through the centre of the area for nearly 1km.

Location of Garden Park

Garden park area is divided into three parts: Garden park (park area), Garden expo(exhibition area) and Garden centre (business area).

Garden park will offer romantic and educational walks throughout the year. There will also be cultural events in the open air including concerts, theatre performances and cinema. Some events will be arranged in the indoor hall.

Pupils of all grades including university students can study here a living encyclopedia of plants and flowers, the principles of ecology and other natural sciences. The park will also offer expert presentations, conferences, competitions and events such as for example fashion shows on the wharf in front of the large waterfall. A key feature of every season will be the spectacular flower displays around the park showing off the many possibilities in the wide mixture of terrains and conditions. The mixed terrain also offers opportunities for sports events as well as simple relaxation in beautiful surroundings.

Thanks to the wide and maintained paths all parts and view points are well accessible even by vehicle. Exceptionally we will organize minibus tours around the park. There will also be an electric train - one of many other attractions - runnig around the park.

Opening of area will be divided into several phases:

2015 – 1st phase – opening of the middle part of the park – water areas and waterfall, minizoo with domestic animals, rose garden, natural exhibition in the birch grove, garden centre, refreshment and parking lot for cars and buses.

following years:

2nd phase – opening of Jeneč hill – view points to the park and surroundings area, other waterfalls, wharf in front of large waterfall, restaurant in winter garden and multifunctional exhibition area.

3rd phase – opening of Slavičí hill – view points to the park and surroundings area, cultural amphitheatre, spaces for presentation and business area, sample gardens.

4th phase – opening of Hostivice hill – view points